Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Our range of garden tools will suit any novice or professional gardener. We source our tools from many well known suppliers like Bahco, Felco, Ryset, Hortico , Fiskars & many others.

Hand Tools

Trowels, hand forks, weeders & secu are great tools for those small gardening jobs.

Garden Tools

For those with a larger area requiring attention, we have a good range of spades, forks, rakes, pruners & loppers.


We cover all of your garden watering needs including  hoses, watering cans, irrigation equipment & manual & automatic timing systems which are a great way to water your plants while you’re away.

Stakes, Ties and Markers

We have a good range of bamboo, hardwood & plastic stakes as well as many plant ties & markers.

Trellis & Wire Ware

We have a good range of training & climbing frames in wood, plastic & metal. For those with small areas or with balconies we have a range of wall & hanging baskets & balcony plant holders to save on space.

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