We source our plants from independent growers all across Australia. You will be amazed at our vast selection and there will be many that you will not have seen before. Let us introduce you to a few of our Plant lines that we stock.

Herbs and Veggies

There’s nothing better than growing your own edible plants. Our great range of Herbs & Veggies are available year round. Even if you only have a small balcony, you will be able to find one that you can harvest.


If you are wanting to add a splash of colour to your outdoor area and you are on a budget, we have a great selection of annual flowers and seasonal veggies available all year round.

Potted Colour

Nothing is more colourful and cheerful than instant potted colour that lasts for months. We have a great seasonal selection year round.

Fruit For Life

Everyone eats fruit. So why not have a go at growing your own? Even if you only have a small courtyard or balcony, we have many dwarf fruiting trees and vines in stock that are easily grown all year round.


A great way to introduce birds and bees to your outdoor area is to grow natives. They usually flower for long periods and are easy to grow. We have local native birds always happy to feed on our colourful Grevilleas that we have in-store year round.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to filter out those bad toxins in your house. They also make a room feel and look alive. Our indoor area is like a little rainforest – we have a wide selection of plants that will suit any situation in your house or apartment.


If space is the issue, a bonsai is a great way to bring greenery indoors. They only need a few hours of sunlight on a windowsill to survive. Our range starts from starter to advanced potted bonsais, tools, pots, pebbles and soil. Bonsais also make a great gift.

Succulents and Cacti

If you don’t have time to look after plants, succulents and cacti are the way to go. They need little attention or watering, and can be grown indoors on a sunny windowsill. We have a large range of small to large specimens.

Seeds and Bulbs

We have an extensive range of seasonal seeds and bulbs available year round. Our Organic Eden Seed range is grown in Australia. They are old traditional open pollinated seeds – NO hybrids, NO chemical treatment and are the World’s Finest Certified Organic Seeds.

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

We have a great variety of trees, shrubs and climbers year round including magnolias, camellias, azaleas, gardenias, climbing jasmines and many more.

Pond Plants

We have many different varieties of pond plants to suit most backyard water gardens ranging from water lilies to marginal plants.

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