At Newtown Garden Market we have a wide range of fertilisers to keep your plants happy, green and growing. We always recommend using organic based fertilisers. This way you are not only feeding your plants, you are also feeding the micro-organisms in the soil. If you keep these happy your plants will benefit and thrive.

There are many ways that you can fertilise your plants:-

• fast release
• slow release • organic
• synthetic

Fast Release

Fast release fertilising of your plants is a great way to fertilise as you have control over how much your plants receive at particular times during the year.

MORE in the growing season, which is the warmer months and LESS in the cooler months. This will ensure steady growth all year round.

Slow Release

Slow release fertilising is a great way to save yourself time, particularly if:-

• you are time poor
• the area is too large or
• you have too many potted plants

But remember…most slow release fertilisers only release over a certain temperature. So if you live in a cold area, or during winter months, your plant will receive little or NO benefit from this way of fertilising.


Organic Or Synthetic fertilisers, what should you choose?

Organic is always going to be the better way to fertilise your plants.

As mentioned above you are feeding not just your plants but you are also feeding the micro-organisms in the soil, so by keeping these happy they will work more efficiently to release nutrients to your plants.


Some people choose synthetic fertilisers because they don’t smell which is great if your are fertilising plants indoors, or if you want to keep peace with the neighbours (not many like the smell of chook manure for days).

But be warned…using synthetic fertilisers will increase the PH & salts in your soil over time, which won’t keep your microorganisms or plants thriving.

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